Real Italian Pizza – How to Cook a Delicious and Authentic Pizza

What would all the best kitchen appliances in the world be worth if you couldn't cook great meals with them? Obviously, having a high quality outdoor propane grill, expensive toaster oven or a large electric stove – would make it easier for you to cook better foods in less time, but these cooking tools are not a must.


In this post we are going to examine an authentic Italian pizza recipe that I've managed to find on Youtube. Apparently it was made by chef Tomatza that is quite popular in the huge video sharing website, and this chef already uploaded other videos where he shares his experience with the visitors – so there is a good chance that you could find even more useful recipes there, I am just going to focus on this real Italian pizza recipe.

Regardless of this interesting video featuring chef Tomatza, I had to say that I barely know a single person who doesn't like pizza, and I'm sure that all of my friends and family members would be delighted to try a real authentic Italian pizza. It's actually one of my favorite foods (I've been to Italy and it's a fantastic country, that has beautiful landscapes and quality restaurants that serve tasty Italian dishes) and because of this fact I was quite surprised that I could find such a useful video of a professional chef that shows us how to cook this wonderful pizza.

While it's true that it's not necessary to have an indoor electric grill or griddle like the units that we wrote about in previous posts, my personal preference is to use these units for quick breakfasts or outdoor grilling parties and only in order occasions use delicious pizza recipes like the one shared in the video. So it's possible to find the video here and if it's not working for some unknown reason you can visit chef Tomatza Youtube channel and hopefully find the video we are talking about and possibly other tasty recipes that would be great to try on your own.

In the video the chef explains and shows how to cook some real authentic pizza that bakeries around the world don't want you to learn, according to Tomatza's words. The process isn't very complicated and the man is actually quite funny – made me laugh a couple of time while watching the video. Thus, I would recommend him to try developing his comedy skills since he might have a bright future in it.

It's important to mention that I've never met the chef personally and have no connection to this specific video or affiliated with Tomatza in any manner (although I wouldn't refuse to meet the guy or even better: eat his Italian pizza).

Moreover, the photo of the delicious pizza above wasn't taken from the useful video made by chef Tomatza but from another website – the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis that some of you may know about and others may not, and the only reason this site was mentioned is because of the really good looking pizza picture (wouldn't you want to taste it?)

Because of the fact that I've got a couple of things to do with the electric griddle and other kitchen cooking tools I probably won't be able to update the blog as much as I would like, but if you want to visit the previous post about electric griddles and grills simply click on the blue link in this sentence and have fun.